Adelaide C. Ward

The women's heart program at The University of Kansas Hospital is a resource for you. We can help you know and manage your unique risks. And we can provide care that’s tailored to your needs.

Adelaide C. Ward Women's Heart Health Center

Our culture has long connected heart disease with men. But women die of heart disease as often as men do. Women need to take the disease seriously. 

The Adelaide C. Ward Women's Heart Health Center, made possible by a generous gift from the Louis L. and Adelaide C. Ward Foundation, offers specialized services to prevent and reduce cardiovascular disease in women. Our doctors are trained to recognize the unique subtle signs of heart disease in women to help patients understand their risks and how to manage them. Women who take part in our program have access to personalized heart health services and educational outreach opportunities.

The University of Kansas Hospital is region's premier academic medical center, providing leading-edge prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care to heart patients.

To schedule an appointment, or to request a women's heart health speaker, call 913-588-1227. To learn more, visit

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