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John and Roberta Drace. John, a California physician, turned to The University of Kansas Hospital's Center for Transplantation when he learned he needed a liver transplant.
When John Drace, MD, posed for a photo on a Kansas City bridge overlooking Brush Creek, he was more than a casual tourist. During his two-month stay, the West Coast physician had good reason to call this city in the heartland “home.”

Drace had been diagnosed with liver cancer and only a transplant could save his life. Yet waiting lists in California are longer than average and with advanced stage cancer, he didn't have time to wait. Read more.

Liver Transplant Program

Liver Transplant Program

For patients with end-stage liver disease, transplant is an option that may save and dramatically change lives.

Liver transplant patients and referring doctors choose The University of Kansas Hospital because of our reputation, expertise, shorter wait times and exceptionally high standards for comprehensive care. Our patient outcomes outperform the national average, with wait times that are significantly shorter.

The region's first liver transplant program, we've performed more than 1,166 liver transplants since 1990.

Liver transplant patients receive expert, compassionate care

The success of our liver transplant program comes from our multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and management of liver diseases. Our liver team will assess your physical and psychological condition to determine your best treatment option.

You can request a transplant evaluation

You or your doctor can request a liver transplant evaluation. One of our nurse coordinators will contact you to schedule your initial visit. You'll meet with a multidisciplinary liver transplant team that will thoroughly assess your overall physical and psychological condition to determine your best treatment option.

If a liver transplant is the right course of treatment for you, our liver specialists will provide comprehensive care and education, from your first evaluation through your liver transplant and for the rest of your life.

Request an evaluation

Organ donors save lives

Learn why organ donation is an important part of our liver transplant program and how you can become a donor.

Shorter wait times

Median months on a wait list *

•  6.4 months – The University of Kansas Hospital

• 13.8 months – Region 8**

• 15.7 months – U.S. 


Number of transplants performed

•  More than 1,379 liver transplants as of September 14, 2016

•  No other transplant center in the region is more experienced

*Source: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients 
**Region 8 = Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Colorado

Why choose us

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The Center for Transplantation is the region’s largest and most successful solid organ transplant program. Learn more.