Bill Payment FAQs

Need some help understanding or paying your bill? Click here to check out these frequently asked questions or call Patient Financial Services at 913-588-5820.

Cost Estimates

If you need a cost or pricing estimate for a procedure, please call the Patient Financial Counseling Department at 913-588-7821.

Patient Bills

High quality patient care and service

The University of Kansas Hospital is committed to providing the best possible care and service every day. To better serve you, our business office is transitioning patients to a new, easier to understand billing statement. The new bill provides a single statement including all services provided by the hospital, as well as most of its physicians.

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In the past, patients received separate bills for hospital services and physician services. Now, both will appear on the same bill.

Our goal is to make it easier for patients to see and understand all charges related to each episode of care.

The single statement may include charges from:

  • The University of Kansas Hospital
  • The University of Kansas Cancer Center and community cancer program locations
  • Mid-America Cardiology, Inc.
  • MidAmerica Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons
  • Jayhawk Primary Care and Jayhawk Urgent Care

Important: Patients will continue to receive a separate statement for any services provided by the University of Kansas Physicians, Inc.

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Understanding Point-of-Service Payments

The University of Kansas Hospital now requires a $50 deposit prior to service which can be made in advance of your visit or upon arrival. All deposits are payments applied toward your total expenses. Learn more about this policy.

Emergency Department Co-Pay

The University of Kansas Hospital requires* patients to pay their insurance co-pay during your visit to the ED. If that information is not available, a $50 deposit will be accepted and applied toward your total expenses. Learn more about this policy.

*No patient is denied emergency care based on ability to pay at the time of service.

Medical Financial Assistance

The University of Kansas Hospital has partnered with Cardon Outreach to help financially stressed patients find programs to assist with payment for their medical care. Click here to find out how to determine if you're eligible for this service.