Sports Medicine and Performance Center

The official healthcare provider of the athlete in you

Workout ballOur goals are your goals

For an athlete, stopping the pain is important, but returning to the same or higher performance levels before the injury is crucial. At the Sports Medicine and Performance Center, returning you to competition is as much our goal as yours. 

The goals of an injured athlete are simple – return to competition as quickly as possible at full strength and avoid further injury.

Doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center are trained to treat athletes at every level – from weekend warriors and elite youth competitors to high school and college students to the professional athletes of Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

What makes us different

The Sports Medicine and Performance Center is different from other programs in the region because we offer:

  • Access for patients almost immediately after an injury happens. Our doctors try to see an injured athlete within the first 48 hours – not in the first few weeks.
  • The full range of care – from the first visit to diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up care. We offer a team of specialists in addition to the physician who sees you on your first visit.
  • The highest level of care for all athletes. The same doctors who care for the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs will see your 12-year-old soccer player.
  • A team of highly trained doctors, surgeons and staff equipped to deal with the special needs and focus of athletes. 
  • Convenient locations for office visits. The Sports Medicine and Performance Center – The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. There are also offices on the campus of The University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, KU MedWest in Shawnee, and the Indian Creek campus in Overland Park. 
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