Expert diagnosis and treatment

Radiology uses imaging procedures to diagnose and treat many types of conditions. It’s an integral part of our multidisciplinary approach.

Diagnostic radiology images help doctors see broken bones, tumors and conditions such as aneurysms within the body. Therapeutic radiology procedures include image-guided catheter treatments and using radioactive drugs to shrink inoperable liver tumors to make transplants possible.

Imaging and therapeutic technologies

Patients receive leading-edge diagnostic imaging services from our expert team of radiologists, nurses and dedicated radiology imaging specialists. Our comprehensive program offers diagnostic imaging and therapeutic procedures, and includes widely used techniques and the latest imaging technologies. Our experienced radiologists can interpret images of even the most complex conditions.

Radiology services

Your radiology appointment

Your doctor will schedule your radiology appointment at one of our convenient locations.

Referring physicians

To refer a patient or consult with our interventional radiology physicians, call 913-588-5862 or toll free 877-588-5862. Fax our referral form to 913-588-5785, or refer a patient by email.

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