Vendor Program

Above the Line Supplier Performance Program

The University of Kansas Hospital has developed a vendor program with our partner, Vendormate®. Our program is designed to enhance the safety of our patients, visitors and staff, and to ensure a more professional and consistent relationship with our vendors.

For all current and new vendors

To maintain a working relationship with The University of Kansas Hospital, all current and new vendors must register by the deadlines listed below. In addition, each company representative who will visit our hospital must register by April 1, 2008.

Our annual registration fee ranges from $25 to $250 for each company, based on criteria determined by the hospital. This one fee covers all of your company's representatives who work with the hospital.

We value the services you provide to our hospital and appreciate your participation in our program.

Above the Line Supplier Performance Program

The Above the Line Supplier Performance Program identifies vendors and companies that exceed expectations for interacting with The University of Kansas Hospital. There are minimum requirements to qualify for this program. They are:

  • Policy and procedure compliance
  • New technology evaluation partnership
  • Pricing competitiveness (0.25 or better)
  • Customer service performance

When vendors qualify for Above the Line, the hospital formally recognizes them as preferred vendors. They receive preferred access to product reviews, resources and priority when the hospital is researching products. The hospital considers these companies primary sources for new products and provides initial bids on new technology and savings initiatives.  

Above the Line status is reviewed quarterly (or as needed).  

Corporate contracting  

The highest tier of recognition and partnership is Above the Line 2.0. Organizations must meet the basic requirements of Above the Line and are ready to work more closely with The University of Kansas Hospital. The primary aim of Above the Line 2.0 is to develop partnerships with large, multi-divisional suppliers. This program provides these companies:

  • Custom sales models with streamlined interaction with company representatives
  • Balanced scorecard – aligned goals for financial and clinical improvements
  • Master terms and conditions across multiple divisions
  • Long-term contracts with price protection
  • Growth incentives
  • Clinical pathways/education/process improvement – program development

The hospital determines which organizations may apply for Above the Line 2.0. Hospital leadership will work with internal stakeholders to identify suppliers best aligned with our strategy, culture and clinical practices. Once a company has entered into the planning stages for Above the Line 2.0 and feasibility of a more structured relationship is being considered, the hospital provides the supplier with:

  • Access to more detailed clinical/financial data
  • Access and support with senior management and clinical leadership
  • Agreed upon methodology to address and correct competitive activity
  • Prioritization in new product request workflows
  • Goal alignment: Supplier and provider

These agreements are assessed quarterly, and clinical, administrative and executive champions conduct business reviews. 

If you have questions about Above the Line, email Value Analysis.

Sign in or register

Current vendors can sign in to their accounts and new vendors can register.

Tech support

If you have problems signing in or registering, contact Vendormate by e-mail.

Vendor registration FAQ

Download this PDF to learn more about our registration process, how fees are assessed, our partner Vendormate® and other registration information.

Executive letter

The hospital’s director of Purchasing discusses our vendor program. (PDF)