Your Role in Quality

Take charge of your health

Measuring Up

As a patient, you can play a leading role in ensuring the safety and quality of the care you receive during your stay at The University of Kansas Hospital. With a few simple steps, you can take control of your health care.

  • Be sure to bring a list of your current medications and dosages.
  • Note any allergy you have to any medications, such as penicillin, or foods, such as peanuts.
  • Don't hesitate to ask your doctor or nurse to explain anything you don't understand, such as a diagnosis, treatment or medical term.
  • Clean hands save lives. Don't hesitate to ask anyone, doctor, nurse or staff member, to wash his or her hands before working with you.
  • You may also request any staff member to wear gloves.
  • Falls may cause serious injury. Some procedures, medications or a combination of both may make you weak and/or dizzy. Ask for help when getting out of bed. We’ll respond quickly when you push the call button.
  • Before taking any medication, make sure it's the proper medication and dose prescribed by your hospital physician.
  • Call our Rapid Response Team if you or a family member are concerned about your condition at any time during your stay. The number is 8-5656. You can call if you feel:
  • You need immediate attention
  • Your condition is worsening
  • Your concerns are not being adequately addressed

Hospital Comparison Worksheet

Our hospital comparison worksheet can help you make your decision on your healthcare provider. Use it to collect and compare the top quality indicators for hospitals.

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